DIY resin wall art kit and online tutorial

DIY resin wall art kit and online tutorial

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Get creative in the comfort of your own home with our diy resin kits and online class.

 This package includes a diy resin kit sent to your home. Included will be the resources* you need to create your very own resin masterpiece.
Kit includes:

  • 50cm round artboard
  • 500gram Resin kit
  • mixing container for resin and plastic cups for portions of colours
  • large popsticks for mixing and regular popsticks for mixing and painting
  • plastic dropsheet
  • vinyl gloves
  • p2 filtered mask
  • mini butane torch* you will have to supply your own butane to fill this with.
  • a custom selection of coloured pigments

You can choose your own colour palette and this will be discussed and confirmed via email.

This package includes a live online tutorial, appointment time arranged with consultation. The online instruction will be offered via Zoom (once time confirmed you’ll be sent a link and password)

The beauty of this is that we can paint together and take on the creative journey step by step in real time, ask as many questions as you want and get feedback on your progress! 

Let the resin magic begin!